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Hell Screen

by StoneCrabs theatre
at Oval House

地獄編   三島由紀夫

by ストーンクラブズ・シアター
於 オーバルハウス

© StoneCrabs Theatre

© StoneCrabs Theatre

© StoneCrabs Theatre


“Wai Yin Kwok’s design of paper screens, tatami mats and vermillion falling leaves is ravishing, as is the dancing of Yuka You-Ri Yamanaka, dressed in an exquisite silk kimono.”
Sam Marlowe      Time Out

“Hell Screen in contrast is a fast paced, tightly directed, beautifully choreographed  tragi-comic tale, with well honed performances all round, from the comic pathos of Stuart Brown's love lorn rejected servant to Yuka Yo-Ri Yamanaka's emotional engaging lady in waiting…….“
Dave Jordan     What’s On Stage

“The Kabuki style dance performed by Yuka You-Ri Yamanaka is magnetic and beautifully completes the final tableaux.”
Samuel John     EXTRA! EXTRA!


サム・マーロウ     タイムアウト

デイヴ・ジョーダン     ワッツ・オン・ステージ

サミュエル・ジョン     エクストラ! エクストラ!

The Princess and the Pea

by Polka Theatre


by ポルカ・シアター

©Robert Workman

©Robert Workman

©Robert Workman


Tokyo Jim

by HLA
2nd Prize Winner at the TCM – Turner Classic Movies Shorts


by HLA
ターナー・クラシック短編映画 優秀賞受賞




by Northern Ireland Screen and Lamb Films


by 北アイルランド・スクリーン & ラム・フィルム

© Lamb Films


The Darkness in a Wooden Bell

by Greenwich Playhouse


by グリニッジ・プレイハウス

©Jay L


“dainty You-Ri Yamanaka is fragile and tragic as the 'woman' - no surprise that this graceful actress is also an experienced dancer and choreographer”
by Clare Peel     Theatreworld Internet Magazine

「……華奢で上品な山中結莉の ”女”  は、もろくて悲劇的。この優雅な女優が、ダンサーかつ振り付け師として経験豊富だというのも頷ける」
クレア・ピール     シアターワールド・インターネット・マガジン


by You-Ri Yamanaka & John Caldas
at Camden People’s Theatre


by 山中結莉 & ジョン・カルダス
於 カムデン・ピープルズ・シアター

©Dave Roberts

©Dave Roberts


“Trained in Kabuki dance and Butoh, Yamanaka brought her subtle movement style and quiet sophistication to a performance in which words could be read through the body. “
John Daniel    Total Theatre

ジョン・ダニエル トータル・シアター


at Jermyn Street Theatre


於 ジャーミンストリート・シアター



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