You-Ri  trained at LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) and at Ecole Philippe Gaulier (Le Coq technique) in London, and in traditional Japanese dance Nihon Buyo and Kabuki dance. She is also trained in Japan in Butoh, an avant-garde Japanese movement performance.

You-Ri is highly physical and musical and has a wide range of performing skills.

By combining Western and Japanese skills and the philosophies behind acting, You-Ri has been exploring a meeting point of both traditions and exploring what is universal in acting. 
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英国ではLAMDA (ロンドン・アカデミー・オブ・ミュージック・アンド・ドラマティック・アート)、エコール・フィリップ・ゴーリエ(ル・コック テクニック)にて学び、日本では日本舞踊(花柳流)、歌舞伎舞踊(五條流)、舞踏の訓練をする。ムーブメント、身体能力と音楽性に優れ、様々な演技スキルを持つ。東洋と西洋の演技の手法や、演技の背後にある哲学の接点を探り、その融合を図ることで 、ユニバーサルな演技とは何かを模索中。

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You-Ri has a wide dynamic capability encompassing the voice of a young child through to someone of old age. She has an excellent emotional range and very good articulation particularly for narration.
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© Dido and Aeneas   Temple Festival, London 
© ダイドーとエネアス ロンドン、テンプルフェスティバル

With her background in both Western and Japanese theatre / dance training,  You-Ri has been using both traditions, skills, and philosophies to explore the bridge between different cultures. Her work has a new unique language which is born in the fusion of the Oriental and the Occidental. 
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You-Ri is also a professional English ⇄ Japanese translator. She studied at Babel University Professional School of Translation and has translated from theatre through to the world of business.
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山中結莉はプロの英語 ⇄ 日本語 通訳/翻訳家でもある。バベル翻訳大学院で学び、演劇からビジネスまで幅広く通訳、翻訳を行っている。
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